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Re: Thorasic Back Pain

Hello Big Eagle,


Welcome to "the land of Spiney Problems", you have found a great site, with lots of people hear to offer some advice and share their stories.

Just wondering have you seen a Neuro/Ortho Surgeon? have you had CT scans, or MRI's, or do you attend a pain management clinic/doctor?
If you havent I think you should make a start and see exactly what the problem is. Its the route we all have to go down when we can't take anymore pain, and believe you me there is alot of pain here on this forum. Each case is different, everyones pain level is different and so is the healing process.

If you havent done the above I really think you should, it is all very fine to be tanked up on medication, but unfortunately if the meds worked there would be no need for the surgeons !!!

Look forward to hearing from you.

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