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Re: Possible Pregnancy !? Need Serious Advice Please !

I don't know how old you are, but you need to tell your mom. If you need to, go to a pastor or school councilor if you need help in telling her. I was pregnant as a teen. I finally told my mom the night before an appointment with our family dr. it hurt her, my dad was a pastor, he was in the hospital at the time all this came out in the open. I took a pregnancy test at his office, and it came back negitive, because I started what we thought was my period, we didn't think having a pelvic exam was needed. WRONG!!! I was having a tubal pregnancy, that was about to erupt. and once it does, you can bleed to death in a matter of hours. I went to the ER and it took them forever to finally figure it out, and to make matters worse, they had written out my death certificate, they were waiting on the time of death and the doctors signature. No one expected me to live throught it. My parents were more worried about me to be mad, and my dad, although he was hurt, was blaming himself, because he felt he'd failed me somehow. But he didn't. He was a great dad, I chose to do what I did. I am not putting you down. you have a great responsiblity ahead of you. and please, don't let anyone tell you that you are ruining your life. My parents although upset with me, turned out to be the best support system for me. There are a great many resourses out there to help you. And please, don't let any one talk you into an abortion. I've been there too and the doctors don't tell you about how that will screww you up too. If you are pregnant, please go find a crisis pregnancy center near you. they have the resourses to help you with counceling, doctors, free pregnancy tests and the like. you can get clothing for both you and your baby, food and education. they will help YOU decide what is right for you and your baby. by the time you have a pregnancy test, your baby's heart will be beating. and by the time you are 7 weeks, your baby can cry, and wave its little arms. so please if you need help, your mom is your best help. and if for some reason, your relationship with your parents is not healthy or is abusive, there ARE people who can help. I have a friend who is a child advocate, and she can give you sound advice. My heart is with you.
and so are my prayers. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS SITUATION!!!!!!