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Re: How long does it take?

Good morning. Obviously, I can't know whether your rheumie is on the mark or not. But what you posted makes me wonder the following (NOT that I have an ounce of medical training!)---
1. Do you have copies of all your bloodwork, especially what it looked like when the meds were first prescribed (basic & the vrs. autoantibody tests)? Was anti-RNP positive? That's the one considered "defining" for MCTD.
2. Are you anemic (just curious)?
3. When you say "red & swollen", do you mean joints? Skin?
4. Do you get rashes? If so, where & what do they look & feel like?
5. What's your hair loss like? Bald areas? Or breakage along the hairline?
6. Do you get much exposure to sunlight?
7. Your rheumie's comment on meds, about "there being nothing left down the line", actually seems almost BACKWARDS to me. Why? Because Plaquenil & the other antimalarials are considered "tier 1" (the lightest) meds; then steroids are "tier 2"; and, finally, immune suppressants are "tier 3". Which *isn't* to say that you shouldn't have started out on tiers 2 & 3, by the way...! Only that his comment seems to characterize the "tiers" BACKWARDS.

I hope others chip in soon. I'm reallt sorry you're having such a tough time of it. Sending all my best, Vee