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Please help 3 year old refusing to poop

I am really worried and frustrated. My son has been potty trained with peeing since he turned 3 and pooping for the past 5 weeks (no accidents with either). Well now for some reason he is refusing to allow himself to go poop. He will hold it even though it hurts him to do so and if I sit him on the toilet he totally freaks out cause he can feel it coming. He has pooped twice in his sleep (without even waking up) from holding it the day prior. Then one time he held it all evening until he couldn't hold it anymore and he pooped in the bath tub. Your first thought may be maybe he is constipated and afraid to go, but he is not. The accidents he has had have been very soft stools. He just goes around complaining his bum bum hurts and his stomach but refuses to go. He says "I don't want to." What is going on???

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