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Re: How long does it take?

I have RA with my lupus and I believe that RA is sometimes part of the MCTD package. If that is what you have as well that would probably be why he went with the MTX and prednisone. MTX usually works better on RA than plaquanil and then sometimes they will add the plaquanil to the meds if the MTX isnt enough to get you off the steroids. I took MTX and have been on steroids for 3 years now. Ranging from 20 to 60 mg a day with the exception of the pulse therapy which is higher doses. The MTX couldnt get my lupus under control so they have now changed me to Cellcept and I am still having to take the steroids but I have only started the full 2000 mg a day today so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will help. To be honest I am worried it wont since I actually feel worse now but I am really hoping it is just due to the fact that it hasnt gained the full effect yet.

My next try will be Cytoxan according to my rheumi. I am just scared of that stuff more so I really am praying that this works. I cant take plaquanil due to my eye problems and my CNS symptoms are getting worse.

Does anyone else see double vision after looking down for a couple of minutes???

I also echo what they said about the is NOT your friend. Keep that in mind at all times. I live in Dallas and it can be brutal here, although we are actually getting a pretty mild summer this year..We haven't hit 100 degrees yet!!!!

Hope you do well on the MTX. You have to have your blood work done every month on that so make sure he is watching your blood work and remember no alcohol... it is hard on the liver as it is (my liver bloodwork got pretty bad and I got the shingles) so do not drink. Keep in mind even that Nyquil has alcohol in it as well.

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