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Re: How long does it take?

Thanks for responding everyone.

I have MCTD - Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Raynauds/Srogrens.

I've seen the rheumy about every 6-8 weeks. My ANA was 1/10240 and my RNP was 178, both extremely high. That's probably why he jumped right in with the Prednisone and MTX. I was at 20 mg Prednisone, but down to 10 mg. I guess that's part of the issue, the releif isn't the same at 10 mg but the Prednisone isn't great for you long term so I understand why I went down.
I also tried to cut it down to 5 mg, but that was a no go.

When I say red and swollen, it's my joints. I can feel the warmth over my red swollen puffy hands. I can open some jars on some days and can now turn on my own water faucet most days, but it's still painful.

At my second rheumie appt., he said we would be starting the Plequinil along with the other two meds. I was kind of excited because I thought I'd get more of my old life back. When he didn't add it in, I was bummed yet delighted. Quite the mix.

I go back to the rheumie in about 3 weeks. I really need to find out what's next, if anything. He just said that my numbers are so high and that's why he thinks that it's too early to use up all the options. I'm confused...

I do have confidence in him though, I actually like him a lot. He's the director of a teaching hospital in Boston so he's no dummie.

I guess I can live like this and make the most of it, but the weight gain and losing hair has pushed me over the edge. Oh ya Veej, the whole top of my head is where my hair is falling out. If I hold up the hair on the top of my head it truly is just a few strands. You can always see my scalp which is the pits.