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Re: Please help 3 year old refusing to poop

My pediatrician told me to give him miralax once a day even though I don't think he was constipated (even though he may be now) he hasn't gone in 4 days and is still complaining off and on his bum bum hurts. I have been making him sit on the potty even if he doesn't end up going but he doesn't even try to go, he tries his best not to! I will try the finger trick maybe that will work but I am telling you he is a strong willed little thing and for this past week all the bribes or threats in the world won't change his mind about not going. And when I say threats I just mean things like "ok we can't go to the pool until you go poop." ect ect. Nothing works! I am just hoping the miralax gets him going (even if it is in his pants) so we can get over this fear he has developed. I can't tell you how frustrated and worried I have been that he will keep this up. I was actually crying today about it!