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Re: ALoha everyone I'm new to this board!

Originally Posted by state808 View Post
Born and raised here on Oahu.

Just joined today. I am very knowledgeable in a lot of areas of health problems. No I am not a nurse or doctor. But I do a lot of research and read a lot of books. I pretty much read the entire "Mercks Manual" LOL.

The reason I read a lot and do my own research is because these doctors in Hawaii don't know diddley squat! lol ( it's pathetic). All they basically know what to do is give you a pill for everything, and to mask our illness instead of getting to the root of the problem and healing us.

So I'm glad there is a Health Board like this one to share info and get advice, and we know better than anyone else how we feel with our ailments.

Hello/Aloha to you

I'm sorry that people have been a little slow to wlecome you here. Probably because everyone is so preoccupied with their health issues. I have noticed that this site is more "strictly business" than it should be, but I guess it's because people are pretty worried about themselves. Goodluck