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Re: Decided on NO chemo, any suggestions

there are also other teas, like graviola, essiac, and others that supposely combat cancer. I don't know how effective they are, but my friend is also drinking some of them. She is also taking Vit C drips.

My husband had a pleural effusion last year, and after a CT scan all the doctors said that he had metastatic lung cancer on both lungs. Since he decided he would not do chemo or radiation, he also decided he would not do biopsies to try to figure out what kind of cancer he has. I'm happy to report that he doesn't feel sick or has any symptoms and it's been 9 months. His pleural effusion went down to about 1/2. Besides the tea, he went sugar free for a couple of months and I gave him Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions very often - a gentle form of acupressure that is very helpful with cancer situation.

So there are people that choose no chemo, but I know it is not easy because the doctors always want to pressure him. He just tells him that if it is his time, then it is his time.

There are many alternative treatments out there and it is very difficult to choose. I hope you have some support in your search and journey.