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18 months of hell, need answers!

Hello everyone, I am really hoping you can help me as I don't know where to turn. My apologies if this post goes on too long but I am tearing my hair out in frustration and hope you can help point me in the right direction.

My husband has been battling a series of weird symptoms for the past 18 months. The symptoms are intermittent but are becoming more frequent.

... Severe problems with his speech. Sluring and difficulty forming words
.....His memory is terrible ( couldn't remember childrens birthdays or his
own address)
.....Severe weight loss, he has lost 40 lbs and another 2lbs this week despite eating well. He had none to lose so it is very noticable.
.....Frequent urination
.....Bowel irregularites
.....Cognitive difficulties. Following sequences is difficult
.....Confusion- driving has become difficult
.....Numbers have become difficult- this from a man that could work out
anything in his head.
.....Writing...his writing now resembles a 5 year old
.....Shakiness in his hands
......Numbness in left arm
......Tingling and lack of sensation in left hand
......Weakness in left arm
.....general weakness all muscles have disappeared. Could be weight loss?
......Stumbles a lot-will fall up stairs on occasion and trip more often, not sure why.
.....Difficulities concentrating

MRI negative, CT scan negative, blood work good. Neuro tests for MS negative as far as Neuro is concerned.

We have been bounced around from doctor to doctor and are going crazy as we do not have an explanation for what is going on. I am watching my once fit and extremely healthy husband deteriorate before my eyes.
He had never been sick a day in his life and is now this.

Because of the severe changes he became depressed. He will avoid social situations because of his speech and the way he looks has shattered his self esteem.

On Thursday he woke up and thought he'd had a stroke. He could not move his hand and his arm was weak. I rushed him to the Emergency dept and they did a CT scan, dopler ultrasound of his neck, ECG and complete blood work. All came back negative. The doctor said he did not know what to tell us and that we should go back to the Neurologist.
Now, he can use his hand but it is very weak. He has a numbness and tingling feeling in his thumb area and the upper arm has decreased sensation.
Holding a fork is hard as is getting a t-shirt over his head.

Do any of you have any suggestions as to what this might be. Does it sound like MS? At this point we just want a diagnosis so we can get on with our lives. He is starting to think it is all in his head and that he is going crazy and it is destroying our family.

Thanks for listening

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