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options other than fusion

Hello all-

I haven't posted a thread in several months- two little boys, the job and life in general have been keeping me pretty busy...

I wanted to get on and post information that may be helpful to some of you. Info that you don't necessarily read in most of these posts...

My old posts are now 8-9 pages deep and my concern is that not everyone probably searches that far.

I consider myself one of the success stories of someone who chose to go a route OTHER THAN FUSION for treatment of my herniated discs at C5/6 and
C6/7. I had a two level cervical endoscopic discectomy WITHOUT fusion, and I'm happy to say that I'm now two weeks from my one year anniversary and I'm still feeling like it was the right move. A good shoulder/neck massage once a month is all I do to continue feeling great. No meds, steroid injections, or therapy.

I laid most of the specifics out in my prior posts- NON FUSION OPTION and STILL LOVING NON FUSION. Like I said, they are about 8 or 9 pages deep into these posts. If you need more information other than what is provided in my old posts, just ask and I'll try to help further.

Let me finish by saying every condition/diagnosis is different, and not all treatments have the same affect on all people. I'm not saying my choice is the best, I'm simply trying to tell people that there are other options out there. And further, I have no connection whatsoever to the doctor, facilities or procedures that I'm referring to, other than I feel that they greatly helped me.

Best of luck


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