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Re: Addicted mother in denial--almost a life story:)

Well just described my life......daughter of a cop, sister of a cop, sister-inlaw of cop, my counselor asked what in the heck happened to you! Your Mom is a very sick person, addiction is a disease of the brain. It only progresses with time, be it drugs, or booze, and even if you start up again, you risk death smacking you upside your head. I'm no expert, but, I'm a 43 yr female, I started doing drugs at age 15, and just recently stopped in February 07. I did all the pills, Soma's being one of my favorites(believe me I'm not bragging) it's a wonder I'm still here, I'm sure you know but they are a muscle relaxer, oh yeah, your heart is a muscle, but I didn't care if I would swallow 6 at a time, I was trying to fill that huge hole in my gut that never got filled unless I was screwed up........I pray for your Mother and your family, I finally went had a moment of clarity, and checked myself into rehab, it saved my life. As tears run down my face I think of my children, and I think of you, please let your Mom know how much you love her, I KNOW how people judge, but you just can't quit until you are ready, and she certainly can't quit on her own, her body won't let her, she will go into D/T's something fierce. Please try and get her some help...., she obviously did try her best, her child is reaching out for her to help her

Blessings to you my friend.......