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Re: Having had ACDF how difficult is Lumbar fusion operation?

Thanks Karin,

I was wondering about this as my microdiskectomy hurt more than the acdf did re: the muscles.

I had a really bad bout again this week after a visit to chiro where he was loosening my ribs up. When I got out I could feel the disc start to herniate l5 s1 and next thing I knew my whole abdomen was starting that choking hold on my hips as well. Today is day 2 and I cannot stand up straight and having called to the surgeon's office on friday (his secretary was very sympathetic and said they will call), I debated whether or not to go to Emergency. THe hospital is out of town for me but hubby and I decided i could make it through to Monday and call in,

Bascially this is getting worse and the bouts way more often. I cannot live like this and having had acdf with great results I know what I can regain of my life again. Unforunately, sometimes it is a large waiting list. I was looking on the web for the cost of a lumbar fusion in NY and one site said $50,000.00. Up here in Canada we don't pay but sometimes have to wait significantly. So if I can't I would consider asking my hubby if we could pay for it if I get desperate. He is a good guy and knows what I have lived with for seven years in and out of this life of chronic pain from either the top or bottom of my body.

Anyway, thanks.. I need to know what is ahead of me.. I find having information allows me to better prepare. I think I am going to be a very educated woman in the next ten years because there is not a lot of physical stuff I can do anymore. I mean I love to exercise but it definitely will have to be rewritten too.

Well thanks for the input and glad to hear that in the end you are feeling a positive outcome was achieved.

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