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Re: Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?

hi , i also bought the same book. i read it and wondered the same thing. i tried to do what he suggested and it did not work for me. i understand that when you keep urself busy, the pain lessens(for me anyway) but it dosen't lessen to the point where i can stop taking the meds. and, it adds alot of stress. i tried sooo hard to fight the pain and it wins all the time. i'm too tired to fight anymore. i guess some people can have pain that has no real cause except that it is in their minds but unfortunately, most of us, the pain is real. the added stress of life, job, kids, hubby( do not help the pain at all. i have been fighting it since 2000 when i got hurt. each neck surgury i had made it worse. i tried soo hard to do self healing to get rid of the pain. nope, didn't work for me. i will burn the anyway, it sucks and i hope your pain feels better, patti