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Re: Desperate 26yr Male - Sudden onset of Hypertension 1 month ago.

Your story caught my eye and I can feel your frustration and concern. I am not a medical doctor, but let me share this with you. I have an adult daughter who has some chronic illnesses that turned her life upside down (nothing similiar to your case). It took over a year for her to get diagnosed. My suggestion is that you get copies of all your test result and go to a teaching hospital.

I see that you are from Utah...there is a highly regarded medical center there...[removed]. Usually teaching hospitals have more knowledgable doctors. You might want to take all your test results and start with an internist there.

I would also say that doctors love to tell peolple they are too young or to this or that to worry about certain things. Don't buy into that. The main point is to be persistant and if you can't find your answer from the next doctor, sometimes you have to move on to another one.

Also, there is medication for palpitations, you could ask your cardiologist about this.

Don't give up.

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