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Re: Desperate 26yr Male - Sudden onset of Hypertension 1 month ago.


Am sorry to learn that you're having must be scary to have those experiences and not know anyone with similar symptoms.

Given your young age, it is most likely that your hypertension is secondary in nature meaning that it is caused by an identifiable condition. The good news is that if this indeed is the case, it may be possible to "cure" your high blood pressure and other symptoms.

I would suggest reading about secondary hypertension and the conditions that cause it.

One condition that comes to mind immediately is pheochromocytoma....this is a list of some of the symptoms that people with this condition may have. Keep in mind that one doesn't have to have ALL of the symptoms to have pheo...

Headaches (severe)
Excess sweating (generalized)
Racing heart (tachycardia and palpitations)
Anxiety / nervousness (feelings of impending death)
Nervous shaking (tremors)
Pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen
Nausea (with or without nausea)
Weight loss
Heat intolerance

But again, I would recommend reading as much as you can about all of the secondary hypertension conditions. Learn as much as you can...and don't assume your doctors know everything...ask lots of questions and do lots of research.

A cardiologist who suspects secondary hypertension, has done a 24 hour urninalysis and suspects an adrenal tumor is definitely someone I'd want to see again. It sounds like s/he knows what s/he's doing.


You might want to check out the pheo posts on this board...we recently had someone diagnosed with this conditon but she hasn't posted in the last few days. Penybobeny just and reread her post...and ask her lots of questions.

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