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Re: Desperate 26yr Male - Sudden onset of Hypertension 1 month ago.

Thanks for the response.

Out of all of the ailments, that is what myself and docs are hoping is the cause. (pheo)

I did have a CT scan on my adrenals, and we were dissappointed to find out that there were no Pheo's. Apparently there is a nuclear test that can pinpoint them even if the CT fails to show anything.

Being that they are able to grow in the neck, that sheds some new light.

My hope is that i have that, they cut it out, and no more medications. This has been so hard on me mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I get mad at watching TV seeing actors that do stuff i want to do and used to be able to do. Maybe i need stronger BP meds? I cant even exercise.

Can allergies cause sudden onsets of hypertension?

Thanks for the response and i will keep you posted of all findings.

i have condsidered looking for an endocrinologist at university hospital hoping they would be more motivated.


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