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Re: Genital HSV-1/Spouse

Hmmm...that is a tricky situation dumbdumb. I thought I would post to tell you I never had any HSV symptoms until after a particularly heavy oral sex phase in my marriage. I have been married 22 years now and at the time this happened we had been married 8 years. I tried to have it cultured but it always came up inconclusive. I don't know if they had the blood test available then but, at this point, it's not worth it to me to find out. I know I wasn't unfathful and I know my husband wasn't. We continue to be intimate without protection and he hasn't caught the virus on his genitals.

I guess one of the things you would need to figure out is how often are your OB. I only have maybe 2 a year and they aren't bad at all. Maybe 1 or 2 sores...usually just 1 though. Is it something you could even hide from her? Does she want to be intimate a lot? If she wanted to be intimate and you currently had an OB could you put her off without raising suspicion? You could always say she gave it to you because from my own experience that can happen's also lying. Even though I do totally believe in honesty in relationships, sometimes I feel like little white lies are OK if they are going to prevent hurting someone...especially if you have learned something from what happened and won't repeat the mistake.