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Unhappy anxiety and fibro


I'm new here and was just diagnosed with fibro. Eight or nine years ago I started having horrible anxiety and panic attacks after a long stressful time in my life, it wasn't the first time I had bouts of anxiety in my life, but it just never went away this time.

Then over a year ago I noticed a decrease in energy and more body aches and pains. I also have headaches out of this world and light headedness and no balance. Every mucus membrane in my body is as dry as the dessert. My doc hasn't ruled out Sjogrens.

I just turned 57 and in the past year I feel as I have aged 10 years. I can't believe what I see when I look in the mirror. I have pretty much become disabled, I do what I have too when I have to and that is it.

I have an app with a Phsc on the 13th. I am on two anti depressants and xanax. My doc gave me a script for the Lyrica yesterday I will get it filled today. I hate taking all these drugs but the pain is just too much.

I was just wondering if anyone else had anxiety problems before the fibro.


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