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Exclamation Something most certainly wrong.

We've been treating it like the flu, but it's not going away had it for a week now. When I wake up in the morning I'm plagued with Shivers starting in my stomach area like a vibration and spreading out to my limbs and making my teeth chatter like I'm freezing, nausea accompanies this, my stomach and intestines are rumbling and grumbling, I'm belching a lot, dull centered headache, light-headedness. I'm sweating a lot at night. Almost fever like symptoms as well though we have no thermometer to check.

The shivers slowly go away as the day progresses slowly as does the nausea, however if I try and eat something the nausea returns for awhile. By late day I usually feel halfway decent, then the whole process starts over the next day. I'm getting scared.

I'm drinking lots of water and trying to eat something now an then as when the nausea goes away I do get hungry but as I said after I eat the nausea returns.

I have no medical insurance and I work only as a part time work study at my college, I don't have money to be going to doctor, so unless it's something very bad I can't be going there on a whim. Can anyone help me figure out what this is.

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