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Thumbs down Re: wetness under the armpits! driving me nuts!

: First of all, Drysol is to applied during the evening before you go to bed because it is most active when you are not sweating and your sweat glands turn off during sleep. The problem with the product is it stings, burns, and itches all night while it is shrinking the pores in your armpit. Sleep will not be guaranteed what so ever. Also, the product only stays active on your skin for about a week. So if you have no problem loosing a night of sleep every week then go right ahead.

: Secondly, after getting out of bed in the morning you notice that your skin will burn and probably be red and irritated. You'll notice that washing your pits will become more difficult and putting on ANY deodorant WILL hurt/burn/sting for the next 30 minutes to an hour. If you can take pain for up to 4 days, then this product is still ok for you.

: Understand though, that this is purely what happened to me. Though I've tried the product numerous times it still does the same thing and it isn't cheap either! It DOES stop you from sweating and it is good in that way, but who wants to deal with pain every time you move your arm back and forth? -not me- Personally since I am a guy and I obviously don't shave my pits, I would guess that a girl who uses this product would have even more sensitivity and I would cringe to see her shaving her pits after a night using Drysol. -OUCH!- I'd say go for certain dry, which is what I'm planning on doing as soon as I can get to a local drugstore. I see it is 5.50 for a bottle of it, but hey, its cheaper that Drysol and I'm more willing to try that versus choosing Drysol.

: I strongly advise you to try the less painful route before you end up ruining your pits and turning this problem into a painful situation. -Good luck to you both-