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Re: ME or Chronic F Syndrome?

I am quite relieved now that I read your post about refering to Adrenal Fatigue. I was convinced I have Chronic Fatigue well sort of. I don't have money for a lot of tests especially tests that won't produce results(a cure) or lead to a treatment plan that won't result in a full recovery. Just googling a bit I found a questionaire and I fit the profile almost completely and that web page also says how to treat it with diet and tips on coping. Worst case scenario it will take 2 years to recover, but that is far better than a lifetime of Chronic Fatigue, I started vitamin therapy 3 weeks ago and without knowing how to treat it exactly I almost hit on every vitamin recomended and I have been feeling a bit better, but it has taken the full 3 weeks to get this minimal result, but at least the brain fog has lifted somewhat and I don't feel totaly drained like I was for the last 6 mos.