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Re: Something most certainly wrong.

I broke down finally after having it too long and went ahead with my pay check and made an appointment with the doctor.

He believes that the problem is some severe acid reflux disorder. He says all my symptoms can be caused by it and I have a history of acid reflux issues (I've been plagued with it for a couple years now, in the past it's been so bad I've woken up in the night suffocating on acid reflux) he gave me 30 days of free samples of a prescription drug Prontonix (since I don't have insurance) and I had to go buy some stuff called Carafate which I have to take before every meal and before I go to bed. I'm hoping he is right in this regard and this is the problem. I have a follow up visit in 3 weeks to see how I'm doing. I only started taking the pill last night, so it's probably not in effect too much yet but I was able to eat without getting nausea thanks to the carafate yesterday before meals. This morning I still have the shivers though that are slowly subsiding as usual, but no real nausea with them and more proof to his claim I belched this morning and it brought up some acid to my throat (felt it burn).

Just thought I'd let anyone reading know and the chance someone else with a similar symptoms reads this.