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Re: Post Partum - June mommas!

Hi Kat

and every other June Mummy out there!

Sorry I've not been on for a lil while. I'm finding the transition from one to 2 children exhausting! LOL seeing as it's summer break also, I have my 5yo daughter to entertain as she is off school for 6 weeks and this has been THE wettest summer here in the UK since weather records began...typical!!

I hope you are well, how is Mason? How is his feeding going? Ethan has upped the ounces but isn't sleeping any longer, he weighed in at 10 1 at his 3 week check, he is just sprouting before our eyes! He was covered in dry skin when he was born, due to me being 9 days overdue, but i've been rubbing olive oil into his skin after each bathtime and thats worked great. Also, all of his baby hair is falling out now (not that he had a lot) and he has white blond hair growing through, he's very fair (like his Daddy) and he has this white fluffy hair all over his body which is too cute.

Was daisy going on holiday? Where was she going?...I so wish I was going on holiday now, I usually holiday abroad every year and I really miss it when we dont have one (UK weather is soooo lousy).

I will try to sign in here more often, keep up to date with how everyone is doing, take care all! Angela x