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Confrontation with opossum, need advice and guidance regarding rabies.

Hey everyone.

Last night I found a opossum (or possum?) napping under the hood of my car. So I opened the hood and spent a good 20mins trying to make it climb out of my engine bay. It was hidding well inside the engine bay so I had to use a wooden broome handle to guide it out.

The opossum wasn't aggressive and was calm. It hissed at me when I polked with my the stick to try to guide it out of the engine bay. It even took a bite at the end of the stick. After a good 20mins, I was able to make it jump out of my engine bay and it ran away.

I did not have any direct contact with the opossum, however I did handle the broome stick without gloves during and after the confrontation (I was sweeping the driveway) and I dont remember if I have came incontact with the saliva that was present on the end of the stick.

I did not have any scratches or wounds on my hands.

I am not sure how to go about with my situation. I am just very worried about being exposed to rabies. Should I go seek treatment? My dad had also handled the stick without gloves, should we both seek treatment?

Please help me, I am getting close to the point of going straight to the ER.

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