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Can doing your own modifications of a VRT exercise help??

As I said in a previous post I never really got much of a reaction while doing any of the exercises described in Charlottes VRT post....It is my understanding that the VRT is supposed to stir you up and that it is beneficial when this happens..

long story short , since one of my symptoms is feeling a sensation of moving or bouncing while laying down on my sides with my eyes closed, should I do vrt exercises in this position??

Today I tried doing the business card exercise keeping the card still while focusing on one letter and moving my head left to right...while doing this it was the first time i seemed to really get a noticible reaction to an exercise.
Will doing this exercise benefit me at all in regaining vestibular function?? or will i simply just make myself sick??

if anyone knows please chime in... also I apologize for all of the questions lately I just wasted 6 weeks with an inexperienced Physical Therapist and saw no results whatsoever...

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