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Re: Can doing your own modifications of a VRT exercise help??

These VRTS will strengthen your vestibular system. Keep doing them twice a day until you've been 100% for several months. I had the same symptoms laying down, I felt like I was floating, even standing I felt the same way. They work. I no longer have those symptoms. You may have to do these for months or even a year or two, but I swear by them, and other people on this board do to. This is what got me to where I am today.

Not to sure if this is in Charlottes VRTS, but close your eyes and balance on one foot with your arms straight out. Move your head left to right. Try to balance for 30 sec-to 1 minute. It will be hard, even if you dont have a vestibular problem, these would be hard anyway. Then do the other foot. Do this exercise on a soft surface. This exercise is great!!! You will get well!