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Re: Better Posture Post Fusion and MORE! SHARE your POST fusion POSITIVES

Originally Posted by SKZ View Post
Well, initially I did notice that the hump that i had behind my neck was alot smaller. That part is lessened. But now that I am 7 months out, and am in pain from a level that i did not have fused, I am noticing my posture is less good. I am sure its from being in pain.
That is interesting, because I was also really getting a BUMP on the left side of back, that was REALLY noticing the pain and the tension in my neck and shoulder region was SO intense I had to literally slumped over all the time. (And I have always been a person who had a thing about posture). So it really upset me. But, it was literally painful to try and sit-up straight and I would try stretches also and it just amplified the pain. The first thing I noticed within the first few days of surgery was decrease to that extreme tension - which meant less pain. I just started noticing the posture change in the last week - but it makes me HAPPY!

I'm so sorry you have another level involved now. I really hope you get relief to your pain very soon.
You're in my thoughts.

Originally Posted by poopoopadoop View Post
I feel really great after my one level ACDF C5-6 (with plate and screws, donor bone). I had it 4 months ago. a big success. I am back to playing tennis as well.

That is SO wonderful that you're back to playing tennis four months post ACDF and feeling SO good.

Today my youngest son and I walked our dogs to the park (not very far). But, that felt like a BIG step for me. I think I would be doing much better if it wasn't for this bone graph of my hip. It's my second the left hip and I have extreme pain, scar tissue over the bone and extreme leg numbness - so I limp. Which really bums me out.

I'm so happy to hear you're doing so well. Thanks for sharing!!
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