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Help with Agressive Down Syndrome Boy

I have an 11 year old son with Down Syndrome and am getting desperate to find someone who has the same issues I have. All my friends children with Down Syndrome are very Docile. My son speaks and communicates well but very little works for discipline. He is too big now to force into time out or pick up and remove if he is haveing a temper tantrum. He can size up anyone who can't handle him and that is when he acts up. Unfortunately, I, his mother, am one of these people. His immediate response to anything is no. If he gets mad enough he will hit and destroy things. He is still at the stage where he likes to grab everything and throw it on the floor especially if he knows it will aggravate me. These issues crop up at school as well. He has been in early intervention from birth and we have tried every behavior plan suggested with some success but the older he gets the worse it is for me. Has anyone had a 180 experience either with a radical behavior plan or medication. He has some real impulse control problems. I am willing to try almost anything. I need to be there for my other two boys and can't take all my time trying to manage his behavior. Any advise will be much appreciated.


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