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Re: Please help 3 year old refusing to poop

Don't stress out about this. I just went through the same problem with my daughter. Your son sounds like exactly what my daughter did. She would not poop. Hold it in for days, the whole time always whining that her butt hurt. She constantly wanted to sit on my lap. She also pooped in her sleep too. Just one time it hurt to pooped, and got terrified, she would scream if i made her sit on the tolit. I knew thats what was going on. I just talked to her about it, explained why sometimes it hurt and how much better she would feel after she finally pooped. I had to sit with her and hold her hand a couple of times. But finally the fear passed. She goes on her own now like nothing ever happened. It will pass soon enough. My daughter did that for a little over a month. Hope he gets better soon, for your sake, usually things like this are harder on us than the kids. As long as he gets the poop out, whether in the bath or asleep, there shouldnt be anything medically to worry about. Just one of those crazy phases kids go through.