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In desperate need of some advice

Hello everyone,

I am a 26 year old female in need of some advice.

I have been battling with stage 1 endometriosis for the past 11 years. It took them about 9 years to figure out that was my problem. I have been on and off of so many different medications I have lost count. My pain gets so bad sometimes I miss out on work and fun, all I can do is lay in bed and take pain meds with a heating pad on my tummy. For the past 2 years the doctors have had me popping percocet like it was water. I had laparascopic surgery last year, and had a lot of endometriosis removed as well as my appendix. I went about 6 months with no pain and then it was back ten-fold.

I have thought about this long and hard, so I thought but now am having an emotional dilemma. I was sure that a hysterectomy was my answer, I was sick of playing the game, sick of medications, sick of feeling helpless. Now that I am a mere 4 weeks away from my surgery I am having second thoughts. Am I too young to be making such a major decision? If I am having doubts does this mean I should reconsider, or am I just having pre-surgery jitters?

I have tried finding women to talk to about this but so far I either find women in their 40's having this procedure or women my age that already have kids having this procedure. I would love to talk to someone who's situation is a little more simliar to mine and haven't had any luck.

Any help or advice would be appreciated, I am scared out of my mind right now and honestly have nobody I trust to turn to about this.

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