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Re: Fused at 13 months!

thanks Roy, I will listen to the doc.. I just expected I would be able to lift a bit more. but I have no desire to have another back surgery so I will be careful.

at 6 months I was just showing the beginnings of fusion - it was a light milky area in the x-rays around the cages. but dont worry if you cant see it, some folks take longer to begin and some x-rays equipment doesnt show it as well as others.

best of luck during your visit!

Emily, dunerkat - thanks! I am celebrating! I was worried that my fusion had stopped or would take the full 18 months but God had a nice surprise waiting for me

Im sure Ill do fine in a new career. its probably going to be rough changing careers at 45 but Im confident that it will work out for the better in the end.

take care!
back surgery in JUN 06 - two level ALIF (L3-4-5) with cages and BMP - SUCCESSFUL!

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