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Two questions ~ Is aloe available in block form? And what razor do you folks use?

So, I started shaving my head. I kinda like the look, so I may keep it for a bit. I've run into a few small dilemmas since then. The first being... does anybody sell aloe vera in a block form, like a soap block? It'd be nice to use because the lube strip on razors tend to fade quickly, while the blades are still sharp and usable. It'd be nice to just have a block of aloe to rub on my head afterwards. Lately I've just been using a very small amount of neosporin, which does a nice job in soothing the skin.

Other question is, what type of razor do you folks use? I've bounced around with a few different brands, and right now I'm stuck between two. Gillette Mach 3 and the Personna Matrix 3 (a more generic brand). The reason I'm stuck is, the Matrix 3's blades are half as much as the Mach 3's, however the Mach 3's last longer. I've shaved 4 times with the Matrix and they're dead. I've shaved 5 times with the Mach and they're still pretty darn sharp. Unsure of what to continue getting in the future.

Also, little tip - Shaving cream/gel irritates my head more than shaving itself does. I tried using hair conditioner to shave, and to my surprise it works better than shaving cream (in my experience).

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