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Question I'm new here but need some advice about my son starting school

He starts kindegarten(sp?) this year. I'm so stressed about this. He's been diagnosed with Asperger's with a speech delay (to me that seems like HFAutism not Asp, but whatever) and ADHD. He acts out physically...alot. He gets out of control when someone or something sets him off. So basically everyone sees him as a bad kid. He's a very charming, smart beautiful little boy when you get to know him. Anyway I'm wondering what kind of things you did to get your child ready for school. How much did you talk to the teachers about your child? The school psych. came to observe him while he was in preschool but nothing was done to help Logan. She said once he was in school that there will be a process of things to happen. What kind of things did your school do for your child? Did you have to request it? or did they do it and let you know?

I worry my poor son is going to sit at the front office all the time. He's already delayed in things he doesn't need to miss out more by spending his days at the office, kwim? How do I prevent this? Or is it just the way it's going to happen?

I came to pick him up one day from preK and they told me he was up there for 20 minutes. Holy cow!!! That ticked me off. What is 20 minutes going to do to him other than him miss out on learning. That to me is absolutely rediculous!!

Any advice or suggestion is so appreciated. He's starting this tuesday. I guess I should have been asking this earlier. I've been in denial about him starting school until now. I want to keep my little man home. He doesn't deserve this cruel world.

Don't mind me I'm just being a sad overworried mom.

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