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Re: I feel so horrible

Can I help you out? You are intelligent, this is obvious from your postings, not to mention, alot of people that suffer from depression have high intelligence. You are caring, that comes across too! And you are strong (even if you don't realize it!)

Can I give you a suggestion? Put up a mirror, look into and say "I love you", "You are special", "You are strong", etc. At first you will feel silly with laughter, then you may actually, sort of, half believe it, and then you are on your way......

If I posted what you wrote I'm certain you would read it and think "Wow, she's being hard on herself". You have the willingness to change so give yourself some credit, pat yourself on the back instead of beating yourself up for not being good enough!! You have to start somewhere.....

Maybe you can come up with the last of the 5 positive things about yourself?