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Re: dealing without meds

Angelica, that depends on how you define "dealing with"!

I am living with (sometimes severe) depression and am currently not taking AD meds. I have taken them in the past. Prozac for 2 years about 20 years ago, Effexor for about 6 months in the past year. They both helped - A LOT. And I opted to go off of them. For some reason I get to a point where I don't want them any more.

But here's the deal (this is important): If you know you are depressed and it is impacting your (or loved ones') quality of life you should consider discussing it with a healthcare professional (that you trust). Understand, there is NO guarantee that you will get a diagnosis of "depression". Your doctor may recommend meds, but you ARE NOT obligated to take them.

I know there are a gazillion reasons why someone wouldn't want to have even the suggestion of "depression" noted in their medical records. But consider the potential consequences of leaving it unmentioned. Perhaps you already have considered that.

Consider using words like "down", "blue", "in a funk" to sort of feel out your doctor.

This is my $.02 worth. I've fought this my entire life. Meds or not, I've found comfort and insight in a few of my doctors.