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Re: dealing without meds

Originally Posted by positivity17 View Post
.. a very strict diet, vitamins, daily exercise, scheduled sleep of 8 hours. ...
I think those words are a very good starting point for treating depression.

Exercise has definitely been shown to help depression. Irregular sleep habits worsen depression. Naturally, you want to eat a well-rounded diet limiting the junk food, preservatives, etc. Remember that alcohol is a depressant. A multi-vitamin is a good idea and you might add a B-complex vitamin to it (B6 in particular has been shown to help depressed women). Recent studies on the Omega 3's (as found in fish or flaxseed oil) have been promising. If you aren't on antidepressants, St John's Wort is worth looking into.

First and foremost though, I think you should talk to a good therapist. Good luck!