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Re: dealing without meds

in dealing with my depression, i've managed to put on a happy face around other people. sometimes though, even around others, i am in a "funk." at the end of the day, in my room, with my pillow, in my bed, I can let go and cry when needed. given the opportunity, i would stay in bed all day and sleep. i haven't established a trusting relationship with my doc yet. i was always in decent health, but due to issues, i have seen her quite a bit these last few months. still, she has not noticed my weight loss, mainly because i didn't see her often enough for her to notice the drop. i also feel like just a number to her, the next patient in line. anyhow, i do not want "depression" to be a part of my medical files. i also worry about the many side effects of meds. i've read on here for some people, it causes more anxiety, sleepless nights (or too much sleep), weight gain, etc.... i already have enough issues. to subject myself to more is not something i want.