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Re: Two questions ~ Is aloe available in block form? And what razor do you folks use?

So I decided to go the cheaper route as far as razors go after I looked on the lower shelf and saw a bunch of disposable BIC's. I'm not a fan of their basic design, the chinsey ones with 1 or 2 blades, however they have a "comfort 3" disposable, which generally go for like 4 for 3.75 or so. Three blades, aloe strip, pivoting head. Very nice. I started using them to save some money on the more expensive Gillettes I was using, which per cartridge were like 2.50, whereas these BIC's are less than a dollar per.

I also came across something in the baby aisle. It's Johnson's "baby oil gel", which is baby oil in a gel form. It says it's pumped with aloe and vitamin E. My head had some slight razor burn from shaving this morning. I put some on and daaaaaaang it feels great now.

So for those who have sensitive skin, perhaps the baby oil gel is a nice choice for you after shaving.