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Questions re: Frenuloplasty aftercare...


i had a frenuloplasty 2 weeks and 4 days ago. Everything seemed fine.. bit sore but that was expected. 6 days later, went back to work and i started bleeding from the end of my penis. Went to A&E, bleeding stopped, they were happy to let me go home and heal up.

It is still very hard to pull my foreskin back with time and stretching im sure it will become easier.. my question really.. is how long would you recommend leaving it before i can begin masturbation again?

It doesnt hurt when i get an erection any more, although one day last week i did wake up having had a wet dream in quite a lot of pain.. i figured, ive already ejaculated once and it didnt do any lasting damage or cause any lasting discomfort...

i can still see some scarring and not all of the stitches have dissolved yet..

any advice would be very much appreciated as my doctor said 6weeks before intercourse but nothing about masturbation.


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