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Very weird feeling,dont know if related to seizure disorder!!!

I have a question on how people feel sometimes. Unfortunately, I'm not on my seizure medication now. But an example was Friday I had half a day of work. I was feeling kind of out there and "fuzzy". My husband and I went to the store and then he dropped me off at home to go to the football game. Well the whole day I just was not feeling normal. After a while, it seemed like that morning was so long ago, almost like it was the day before, and it took me a while to think of everything we did in general. I only had 2 grand-mal seizures before but never any other type of seizures that I know of. Does that sound like anything familiar or is it more of an anxiety feeling. I just hate that feeling because thats pretty much how I felt when I got the other seizures. anyone ever feel that way?

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