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Re: Help with Agressive Down Syndrome Boy

I know where you coming from and how you feel, My son is now 21 years old and he is a very sweet wonderful, fun and funny type of person but we did have problems in the past from about the are of 12 years old until he was about 17, I blame allot of it on puberty, there hormones are bouching off the walls and they connot handle it. When my son did have his anger issue's I found out that how "Me " as a person who was there at the time would respond to his tamtrum. I found out that alking to him in a very calm tone would help, when you raise your voice or would talk in a very stern tone, it would anger him more. When I would talk to him, I would keep my distance, for one -My safty and two-not to croud him. I would use this phras often, I would say, Now David, I know your a nice guy, yep you are but I'm not seeing him right now, can you find him for me, or David-your such a great guy, could you put down what is in you hand and come and help me do something. The key is to get his anger off his mind. It hard and your also worry about when he is at school-will something happen. I had talked to my sons doctor at the time regarding his anger issues, she siad allot of DS or specail needs can be put of some medication to help with there agner issues but if it is not all the time, medication is not an option. David's was not all the time. Have you talked you your sons Doctor about this??