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Re: do you have auras b/4 a seizure

I usually have a funny/weird feeling in the pit of my stomach but for the last couple years things have changed. I am usually feeling good & then a feeling comes over me like I am about to remember an event of long ago or go into a fantasy or dream. I know what is going on around me but not clearly. I have had phone conversations while this was happening & know who I'm talking to but I still have the feeling I'm in a dream. It only lasts a moment but I feel very shakey (from stress) & usually have a headache on one side & feel like I have fluid in my ear. I told you it was strange. When it first started happening I felt as if I was going to loose consciousness. At first I thought it was related to my Meniere's disease (inner ear fluid) or migraines but now I'm getting worried since I can't find anyone with these symptoms. Sorry this so long. thanks for your reply.