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Re: 7 YO Behavior Issues

I'm with trg on this as well. First anything I say below isn't directed in any bad way okay. So onto trying to figure out what might be the problem. First is his dad living with you both. You didn't say so I'm assuming yes. So with that said have you and your partner been having fights lately (yelling at each other). I would assume not as I'm sure you would have said so.

If he doesn't have his dad around that could be the problem all the sudden at his age when it never was before. I also believe you would have said this as well. I'm just not the person to assume this stuff which is why I asked.

So if the above aren't the issue my guess it would be outside his home. So that could mean anything from a friend starting to be mean or maybe a bully. My next door neighbors son (8yo) had one of his friends pull his pants down in front of his friends (both boys and girls) that caused the same type of reaction as your ds. Some boys at that age can become very ashamed about this but will "not" tell his father and without a doubt tell his mother about it. This causes him to withdrawl from the opposite sex (ie you) quite a bit. Its quite a childish prank that kids do without understanding the real harm it can do to others.

Also this might cause him to withdraw from his friends which also results in "not" having his friends to play with which in turn makes things even worse.

The only problem with all the above is that this stuff in most cases doesn't last six months. Either way this is quite a sudden change in personality that has lasted long enough that whatever the problem is its severe enough to warrant seeing a doctor about it. Now if he was 12 years old and became this way I would say its puberty but as he is only 7 years old I cannot see a normal reason for this change.