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Re: I'm new here but need some advice about my son starting school

This is all great advice. I hope these couple days since he started have been good. It is along trial and error battle. My son is going into 10th grade this year. He was in Early Intervention at 2 1/2 and was mainstreamed by 1st grade. It truly is trial and error. You will see what works best for him each year. You will know more and more as the years go by. My district has an IEP, i am not sure what other states have ( Individual Education Program) I think that is what it stands for. I am drawing a blank It is so important that the teacher's be educated. Not just the teachers that have these children in their class. Our distrist does an inservice with all the faculty grades 6-12 I believe, maybe even down to K. Education for these teachers on these developemental issues is so important. Push for it. Find out if it happens and how to make it happen. I remember having these IEP meetings in 1st-4th grade kind of clueless. Now at this point I run the meeting. I say what my child needs and I make sure it happens. My child has always had an aide. This is a must in the early years. He still has one but rarely relies on her. But he knows she is there. Read, read, read...and yes look up the education laws. The more you know the better you can be for your child.

I hope this makes sense and helps.