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chromosome disorder??

My 8 yo son had some genetic testing done 2 mths ago. I just got back the results and the microarray test revealed that he has a bit of extra genetic information on his X chromosome. At this point they can't tell me much until I get tested to determine if it was genetically passed down from me to him. Has anyone ever heard of this and what it means. Just trying to get a head start because it will take a month for me to get tested and another 2 mths to get the results. They said it could be an isolated event that just happened that wasn't genetically inherited from me. Does it make any difference whether it was a one time event or genetic not aside from the fact that if it was genetic my daughter may have it too and passed it down to her child. Surely they could tell what to expect from both sides of the coin--tell me what it means if it genetic and if its not. Surely they have encountered this before and have an idea and what to expect and any health problems it may cause in the future. Please if anyone knows anything about please let me know. He was DX with Pervasive Developmental disorder a few mths ago. He has major ADHD. It was determined he does have a learning disablity. Physical characteristics are he has hyperthelorism and short palprebral fissures (close set eyes & short eyelids), velvet soft skin ( it was thought he had Fragile X until the test ruled it out). Other characteristics include but are not limited to: toe walking, sensory seeking- under/over responsive sensory Issues, mood swings (like a light switch), anger control problems, difficulty comprehending and understanding simple directions, school difficulty--sitting there doing homework is like finger nails across a chalkboard for him (he said his brain hurts when he tries to think about what to do or how to answer the question)

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