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Re: Problems, and then some more problems!

Originally Posted by ICC View Post
Ryan , Your medical knowledge always amazes me. I didn't realize that so many things could/would cause lung damage. There are some prayers coming your way that you don't have one more thing to deal with. AND even you you need the cane I am praying for success with the stimulator to take your pain away. I don't think either of us will ever have a full working body anymore. I guess we need to settle for pain-free and most parts working??? Sad but true. The best we can be. Mind and body. Will be thinking about you. Take the time you need to recuperate fully.


Whatever I don't know, I research the heck out of.

The second set came back normal but there was a different technician interpreting the films.

Nevertheless, I set up an appointment to see the doc on Tuesday to discuss this.

The antibiotics that I am taking could have cleared up the "situation" in my lung(who knows at this point).

Sadly, you are correct Grasshopper; ourv bodies will never be the same but we can hope for the best.

Funny thing; the stimulator is flowing current in the exact location I have the weakness.

Am in pain from the surgery but the meds are helping(Tylenol #3 is laughable but the Percocet seems to do the job;only if I take 2 at a time).

I'm praying for both you and your husband.

Daggone cervical is bothering the heck out of me also; hoped to have posted more.

We will talk soon.



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