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Re: Anyone here try or on Lyrica?

I have a hernated (sp?) and an annular tear in disc L4-L5. Two years ago
L5-S1 disc was replaced with an Artificial Disc. L5-S1 is fine now with no problems, but I have lots of problems with L4-L5. Lots pain in the back, cold sensation going down my legs and some numbeness. My heels feel that they are raw where I can't walk because it is too painfull. This is why I take Lyrica. At first lyrica made me feel drowsey then it went away. I can only take 50's during the day and they must be streched out throughtout the day. I've been taking it for about a year now. I could not take neurontin. ickie stuff!!! What do you take Lyrica for?

I am currently fighting with my insurance co Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska for the Charite Artificial Disc. I am working on my third denial. They say it is investagational and the disc passed the FDA in Oct. 2004.