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Re: Problems, and then some more problems!

Hi Ryan,

It's so nice to hear from you. Sounds very promising that all is going to the weak leg. Glad all is well with the lung. Should be interesting what the Dr. says. My shoulder surgeon told me that half of what was wrong with my shoulder didn't show up in the MRI and he never did it with contrast because in his experience alot of tests don't come out accurately and alot has to do with who is reading them. Ah the neck When there's a problem in that area it appears that no matter what you do it afffects it and amkes it act up. Hopefully most of what you're feeling is post-op. Having a bad neck to begin with and then being moved around for the surgery is enought to set it off.

Ryan...tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of my daughter's death. It has affected my youngest pretty badly and I am so glad she admitted to it. She has held all back for a long time. I think she stopped living when her sister died. It's like her life between 18 and 28 hasn't changed at all. She seem sto be making headway. ALl are talking to each other and getting along in the family which is nice. My oldest seems to be more like me. We have both ackowledged and accepted that nothing is going to brin gher back, are trying to get on with life. My oldest is very good at not sweating the small things ever since her sister's death. Going to spend the morning with hubby tomorrow. Go to the cemetary and then some errands that will lighten my mood. Ryan , all of a sudden the other day I thought of calling my son-in-law. The more I thought of it I realized that having her THINGS will also not bring her back and if it's at the expense of hurting him more, I don't need them. I have her in my heart. He has a shrine in a room at his mother's. Does that make sense? So I will continue to pray for your recovery and hope to hear from you when you're up to it.