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Re: Problems, and then some more problems!


I remain hopeful and am ready to face the truth about my recovery.

The ortho surgeon is going to tell me all of my options on Monday.

If I do need cervical intervention, I just want it over with.......

Then I will truly be able to cope with the limitations.
This will be the 10th anniversary of the death of your daughter(God rest) but will also be the 10th anniversary of your changed life without her.

I truly believe that she would have wanted your family to thrive; and you all have done so.

This can be looked at as an "honoring of your daughter's memory."

Your daughter is on a quest that took all of 10 years to realize.

She needed to be close to you(in proximity) and now is even agreeing that moving out may be best.

It is about her getting on with her life, or beginning it again(depending on how you look at it).

Remember that the oldest is supposed to be the strongest(call it natural selection) so she is fulfilling her role.

You said an important thing: "I have her in my heart."

The relationship that loved ones share does not simply end at death but transforms into yet another type of loving bond; you are witnessing that.

The son-in-law seems to be having a rough go of things.

A shrine; it seems that he is having difficulty expressing his feelings outwardly and rightfully so.

Hopefully, in time, he will be able to open up is a process.

If, in his mind, he couldn't imagine life without her, it could be a deterrant.(jmo)

May your family be blessed with the necessary insight to help make tomorrow a day of "loving positivity."

Be well, my friend.